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Bizzell Patriot Bio

Author: James Bizzell
Private Enos Bizzell joined the North Carolina Militia in January, 1777 from Dobbs county (now Wayne) North Carolina. After serving 7 months, he joined the 2nd Battalion, North Carolina Continental Troops commanded by Col. John Patton. Colonel Patton and a large number of the battalion were taken prisoner at Charleston, SC by the British on 12 May 1780. A large portion of the battalion, which included Pvt. Bizzell, escaped through the aid of Francis Marion, a farmer turned guerilla fighter called "The Swamp Fox" by the British. Enos' final posting was in New York where General Washington was opposing the British forces commanded by General Clinton. In a sleight of hand move, General Washington expanded his encampment in full view of General Clinton, faked orders to attack and allowed those orders to fall into the hands of the enemy. Enos then marched double time to Yorktown with the bulk of General Washington's forces where they met up with fresh reinforcements from France. After three weeks of bombardment coupled with the French fleet's blockade of Chesapeake Bay, General Cornwallis surrendered on October 18, 1781. Private Bizzell then returned to his station in New York where fighting continued for many months, as the Loyalists did not accept the surrender terms agreed to by Cornwallis. Pvt. Enos Bizzell was killed in one of these skirmishes sometime after 1 August, 1783, the date of his last muster pay date. In October, 1783, his son David applied for and was granted 640 acres of land in Davidson Co., TN Territory, as payment for his father's service. A memorial marker now stands in Hillcrest Cemetery at Newton Grove, NC. 

Reference: "The Bizzell Family", written by Oscar M. and Virginia L. Bizzell, 1976. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 76-16705. 

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